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Here are some quick and healthy lunch ideas:

  • For a conversation about school lunches and a recipe for freeze-ahead wrap sandwiches visit The Secret Ingredient.  Scroll down to one of the first comments for a recipe for whole wheat pizza dough used in the wrap sandwiches. Or you can purchase dough from TipTop - Ask us!

  • Here is a great website from the University of Nebraska that gives general instructions for freeze-ahead sandwiches, including ingredients that do and do not freeze well. They also have several good recipes. One general tip that is often given: To keep bread from getting soggy, spread a thin layer of butter right to the edge of the bread before adding other ingredients.

  • Some schools are asking that peanut or other nut butters NOT be brought to school due to the number students with peanut allergies. A great alternative is sunflower seed butter. TipTop sells Organic Once Again brand. It tastes very similar to peanut butter and can be substituted in any recipes you have for nut butter. Here are some kid-friendly recipes using sunflower seed butter. 

  • Here are some recipes for healthy food to pack in the lunchbox

  • Instead of Potato Chips, try Organic Falafel Chips made with non-GMO corn and beans (high fiber, high protein, low sodium, gluten free, no dairy). - Kids love them!

  • A general guide of ideas on healthy food for kids that goes beyond lunches, click here.  

  • Here is a discussion about what makes a good lunchbox or bag.

If you have any ideas that work well for you and would like to share them feel free to send us an e-mail: Contact@TipTopOnline.us