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2012 1% recipients: Rebecca Webber's Children's Fund; Hearts for Heat; Friends of Brookfield Library; Elm Hill Center, Rehabilitative Resources; Sibley Farmland Conservation, Spencer; Socks for Siberia; Oxfam USA; Brookfield Food Pantry; Mount Grace Land Conservation; Heifer Project - Tree Seedling Project; Friends of the Brookfield Town Hall.

2011 1% recipients: Local Tornado Relief; The Second Chance Animal Shelter, http://www.secondchanceanimals.org ; the Catholic Worker House in Worcester, Massachusetts; the Brookfield Food Pantry; Shelter Box, relief for Japan, http://www.shelterbox.org ; the Stephanie M. Hurley Memorial Scholarship Fund; Socks for Siberia, http://www.socksforsiberia.org ; Northeast Organic Farming Association, Massachusetts Chapter, http://www.nofamass.org; Brookfield Agricultural Commission; Toys for Joy (Brookfield & East Brookfield).

2010 1% recipients: Toys for Joy (Brookfield/East Brookfield Based); Socks for Siberia; Friends of the Merrick Public Library; the Worcester Food Bank, http://www.foodbank.org; the Jim Dahler Tantasqua Scholarship; East Quabbin Land Trust; Birthday Wishes, http://www.birthdaywishes.org/ ; The Brookfield Fund; Oxfam America, http://www.oxfamamerica.org ; Partners in Health for Haitian Earthquake Relief, http:www.pih.org ; Brookfield Elementary School's Camp Bournedale fund.

2009 1% recipients: Worcester County Food Bank. the Brookfield Elementary Playground fund; The Second Chance Animal Shelter; Many Hands Sustainability Center;  Socks for Siberia, http://www.socksforsiberia.org ; Northeast Organic Farming Association; Jim Dahler Scholarship Fund; The Friends of the Brookfield Library; and the Worcester County Food Bank. In addition, we donate food on a regular basis to the local Brookfield Food Pantry.

2008 1% recipients: Pennies for Peace sponsored by Tantasqua Regional School, http://www.penniesforpeace.org ; several local families undergoing fire and illness emergencies ; The Brookfield Fund (508-867-2930 ext 10) ; Opacum Land Trust, http://www.opacumlt.org ; Andrew's Helpful Hands, http://www.andrewshelpfulhands.com ; Abby's House, http://abbyshouse.org and the Catholic Worker House in Worcester, Massachusetts.

2007 1% recipients: Socks for Siberia; Second Chance Animal Shelter; Worcester County Food Bank, http://www.foodbank.org and Opacum Land Trust. http://opacumlt.org.